privacy policy

While the regular terms of sale are cash or check upon delivery, we will be pleased to make credit arrangements with established accounts. Open accounts are payable Net 30 days from delivery. The legal rate of interest will be charged to any overdue accounts. Prices are subject to availability. Enforced If CJ Growers finds it necessary to file suit to enforce payment, Payment: such a suit may be brought in San Diego County at CJ Growers option, and shall include attorneys fees and legal rate of interest on all amounts due. Non-Warranty: CJ Growers gives no warranty, expressed or implied, on any and all nursery stock we sell. CJ Growers accepts no responsibility for the viability of the plant material once it is accepted by the customer, as CJ Growers has no control over the numerous environmental and handling conditions the plant material is subjected to once it is received by the customer. No guarantee is made, expressed or implied, regarding the future growing performance of any plant material. Claims: All claims must be made immediately upon receipt of goods and noted on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. Once plant material is accepted in god condition we make no guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding its future growing performance. At no time will we be responsible for more than the purchase price of the plant material. Restock: CJ Growers reserves the right to charge a 30% restocking fee for cancellation of plant material on delivery. Preliminary: For the benefit of both the contractor and CJ Growers, we will Lien Notice: request information as to developer (owner), general contractor and lender on all job sites where applicable prior to delivery on all credit accounts. A material release will be issued upon payment of account upon request. Freight: All prices are quoted F.O.B. our nursery. Applicable delivery rates will be charged and are available upon request with your order. Service charges for delivered material under our minimum amount also apply. While our drivers are instructed to assist in off loading, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange the necessary equipment and labor to off load. We reserve the right to raise rates to customers who do not assist in off loading. Demurrage rates may also apply. Contract: CJ Growers currently grows material for developers and projects Growing: on a contract basis. Please contact our office for more details. Brokerage: CJ Growers currently locates and brokers plant material nationwide. Relocation: CJ Growers currently relocates specimen trees. Please call for details.